Established in the year 1999, Oasis International School, Affiliated to Cambridge International Examination Centre (CIE) provides value-based education to over 1000 students from Montessori to Grade 12.

The goal of Oasis is to nurture the development of good character, deep thinking and altruistic behaviour.

The school strongly believes in the uniqueness of each child. We help children identify their individual strengths so as to positively impact their community as well as society at large. Students are provided with a safe and secure learning environment where they are free to express their ideas without any inhibitions.

Special attention is given to children who need extra support to improve their learning.

ESL: Foreign students who are not able to take up any Indian Language as their Second Language are offered English as a Second Language for their IGCSE Board Examination.

Educational philosophy

Oasis believes in a holistic and dynamic curriculum which focuses on:

  • Creating an academic environment that nurtures critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, problem-solving and discussion.
  • Providing an active learning programme that involves experimentation, exploration and discovery.
  • Creating a congenial environment in which students receive instructions, guidance and social moral values.
  • Teaching students active participation in bettering the world while living as caring and contributing members of the society.
  • Raising God-conscious leaders who are guided by justice and equality.
  • Encouraging students to be lifelong learners by inculcating the love of learning.