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Co-Curricular Activities


Arts and Crafts


  • Joining the dots
  • Colouring with crayons in given design. Colour in particular direction
  • Tearing and pasting create collage
  • Experimenting with Textures to create own artwork using sand, cotton, leaves, atch, sticks, wool etc.
  • Texture with paper: Making greeting cards using different types of papers
  • Origame

Grade 1

  • Basic drawing – line and shape. Drawing using shapes.
  • Colouring with pencils in given design and particular direction
  • Tracing the given design. Graphing.
  • Cutting and pasting. Weaving paper mosaics. 3D scenery.
  • Basic construction – junk modelling. Making a wall using stencil painting.
  • Colouring using dots and patterns. Leaf painting on a greeting card.


  • Nature and landscape drawing (basics)
  • Colour pencil shading
  • Colouring using shades – trees, flowers, landscapes
  • Textured rubbing to create scenery
  • Framings. Clay modelling.
  • Thumb printing and finger printing

Grade 3

  • Black and white colouring
  • Patterns + pattern work
  • Design a cover page using collage
  • Mixing colours and paints
  • Blow paintings
  • Tile painting
  • Junk modelling

Grade 4

  • Mixing paints, colouring using different combinations
  • Junk modelling
  • Book mark making
  • Designing cover page with pressed flowers. Using oil pastels
  • Papier mache
  • Needlework – basic stitching


Grade 5

  • Free hand drawing – line, shape and pattern
  • Section and Perspective drawing
  • Pencil shading
  • Colour pencil shading

Grade 6

  • Colour wheels
  • Quick painting – colour washing
  • Framing with different techniques
  • Spray/ marble/ stencil/ blow painting
  • Fabric painting