At Oasis, nurturing the students and providing guidance and support to the parents starts from the time they step into school. The counsellors are available for any questions/queries that they would like to clear at the admission stage. We have full-time counsellors to provide students with the required emotional and educational support through their school life. The counsellors support and help children in their social, emotional, intellectual and vocational growth.

We work towards building sound relationships between students, staff, and parents. We have adopted the Safe and Sensitive Schools Programme (SASS). This is a tried and tested programme that supports the school to be safe through embedded policies, space and interactions that are positive, constructive, nurturing for all students and staff alike. The Quality Circle Time developed by Jenny Mosley [QCT] is the basis of the SASS programme. It is a non-hierarchical and inclusive discussion which promotes trust, respect, empathy and understanding.

Quality Circle Time – Jenny Mosley Education Training and Resources

“Children love Circle Time, Circle Time brings just the right blend of structure, enjoyment and learning!”

Career Counselling Laboratory and Library.

On 8th February 2019 we inaugurated our Career Counselling laboratory and are in the process of amassing a comprehensive library on career counselling.

Our primary goal is help students identify what their abilities are and help them and their families do all that is possible to help them reach their full potential. We commence our intervention at Grade 6 and keep a sustained focus on it till Grade 12. This is a proven way to ensure that our students can have fulfilling lives and be dynamic and innovative contributors to society.

Student Assistance Programme (S.A.P)

We are excited to share that we have launched our Student Assistance Programme (S.A.P), a program that provides emotional help and support to teachers, students and their parents.

This program is evidence based and comprehensive school counselling program for student identified needs and focuses on their emotional wellness. S.A.P is a first of its kind program in India launched by domain experts who pioneered EAP in India more than a decade ago.

S.A.P clients can benefit from the innovative use of psychologically-focused data science and learning to detect simple and advanced problems concerning academic, or personal challenges and seek immediate help. The programme provides time and space to talk about any issues in a 100% confidential & anonymous environment with professional experts.

The services include telephone consultation, in-person sessions and referrals backed up by quarterly workshops and special customized trainings based on institution and parent-student needs.

S.A.P is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is strictly confidential & anonymous.