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Service Learning Program

SLP is a Parent led, experiential program, aimed at developing universal values like empathy, gratitude, love and respect,   through the medium of community service.  The program was conceptualised keeping in mind the school’s vision of making students conscious of their social responsibility towards those less fortunate and to be contributing members of the society.

Being a parent-led initiative, it also had the added advantage of parental involvement in school activities. It is a proven fact, by the John Hattie’s survey on the factors that influence student learning, that parental involvement has both academic and non-academic benefits for the students It also benefits the school by nurturing positive school culture, through effective networking and sharing of good parenting practices.

The projects that are undertaken covered various categories of service such as Environment, Education, Health, Special Needs, Poverty, Care homes -Orphanages and old age homes and School based Improvements; thereby encompassing Direct, Indirect and Advocacy strategies of imparting Service Learning.