Service Learning Program

SLP is a Parent led, experiential program, aimed at developing universal values like empathy, gratitude, love and respect,   through the medium of community service.  The program was conceptualised keeping in mind the school’s vision of making students conscious of their social responsibility towards those less fortunate and to be contributing members of the society.

Being a parent-led initiative, it also had the added advantage of parental involvement in school activities. It is a proven fact, by the John Hattie’s survey on the factors that influence student learning, that parental involvement has both academic and non-academic benefits for the students It also benefits the school by nurturing positive school culture, through effective networking and sharing of good parenting practices.

The projects that are undertaken covered various categories of service such as Environment, Education, Health, Special Needs, Poverty, Care homes -Orphanages and old age homes and School based Improvements; thereby encompassing Direct, Indirect and Advocacy strategies of imparting Service Learning.

Parent Chronicles

Service Learning Program at Oasis International School

Posted by Oasis International School on Sunday, 6 August 2017


Our class, 9B was engaged in a dual project for our SLP this year. We had taken up 2 specific projects for the upliftment of a government school. The first project involved making and installing a Tippy Tap: a kind of a makeshift hand wash system and the other was painting the walls of the school building to make it more pleasing for the students.

Overall this project helped us in multiple ways.
I must admit that in the beginning, we were not very excited about it. But as we started working on it , we actually experienced the oft repeated statement that ” Teaching is the best form of learning”.
Because we had to “teach” the children how to make a Tippy Tap, we had to make sure that we knew it well enough, which we did through a mock demo and other preparations. In this process, we got a chance to put our learnings of physics to actual practical use.
But despite our best efforts to make sure that everything goes well…it didn’t….and we got an opportunity to ‘problem solve’ on the spot.
Through this we realized the value of teamwork and the impact on the overall outcome when each member contributes and works according to their strength and capacity.

We also enjoyed the painting of the school walls and some of the students got a good opportunity to showcase their artistic talents.

Lastly…I like to thank all the parents and teachers for helping us and supporting us in this project.

Rashad, Class 9B

We, the students of Grade2 from Oasis International School, realized how much food is wasted everyday around the globe.
I understood even I have been wasting food many a times. It was really heart breaking to see so many children picking food from garbage to feed their empty stomach. That day onwards my friends and me decided we will try our best to avoid food wastage.
Service learning initiatives give us an insight into such issues and motivates us to do something for society n environment and be responsible citizens.
We Oasisites, believe that service learning has been and will continue to be of great impact on us throughout our lives.
Thank you.

Shanaz, Grade 4D

The SLP program ensures that the these projects(visiting the old age home, planting trees, recycling newspaper into bags) involved the students and the external community directly. It aroused a sense or moral policing and conscious awakening in the seed form. The project began in the beginning of  year providing a rear opportunity to make the curriculum relevant while meeting community needs.

Nasuh Faheem, Grade 2 Teacher

Service learning programme is simply a better way to do things. I have understood that SLP includes three key elements contributing to sustainable development projects, engaging in meaningful reflection and participating in curriculum based educational activities. When we involved our 7 year old children from  grade 1 in planting trees in a park and the next year extended the same to road side planting. It was a fun learning experience.I am grateful to the school for introducing SLP in my daughter’s school.Involving parents and for our project we also had the team from prestige group of institutions that helped us and guided us with the activity, as they had been maintaining the park premises. Activities like these offer the opportunity to be responsible, caring and participating members of society. Moral reasoning and ethical decision making can be taught with a well designed SLP. Looking forward to contribute more.

Najma Salam, Parent of Aaliya Imran (Grade 3)

Over the past two years, along with the students I, myself was able to gain so much insight through each service learning project. Being welcomed and accepted by each social group that we worked with was a very comforting feel. At the Ashiana old age home, Mr. Farooq and his wife Aamina inspired the children to do for their parents what their parents do for them. They furthermore extended their invitation and encouraged the children to come back time and time again to meet their new found friends.
Finding a gem like Ms. Tazzayun was a gift to each one of us. As a social worker, Ms. Tazzayun works on giving education to those in need, empowering women and inspiring the youth to join her in her social cause. As a parent, I could see what a positive impact she had and still has on my child. Ms. Tazzayun was extremely happy to see girls of this age group already trying to shape lives. She enlighten them with her stories and wished them more strength and power to do good.

Naila Azhar, Parent Leader
  • The girls put in a lot dedication and effort, but whereas the boys, except for a handful, seemed disinterested and non-chalant. As a parent leader for this year too, I intend to plan up a project which lures them to be interested in service learning programmes, enhances their learning opportunities, interpersonal skills and to motivate them to take up tasks as socially responsible citizens.
  • The students could have been divided into groups and assigned different tasks so that every student takes part and everyone gets an opportunity to perform. Dividing them into groups and assigning them tasks, distributes responsibility and ensures accountability for all student participation.
  • Aim to execute the planned project before the final term approaches, and to also plan and co-ordinate with the school and teachers to block the dates well in advance, rather than facing any last minute hindrances or alterations in the planned project.
Summaiya , Parent Leader