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Kindergarten Service Learning Program

K2 A visited the Govt school in Cox town today to meet their counterparts.Our children enjoyed interacting with them.They all introduced themselves and sang rhymes for each other.
We gifted them with a CD player with rhymes which they were in need of.
The kids also shared snacks with all the other students, teachers and helpers.

Felicitation of support staff by the students and parents of Kindergarten 2(B & C).
Our little angels presented gifts, cards and roses with a BIG THANK YOU to them.

Grade 1 Service Learning Program

Grade 1A Service Learning Program
“Helping Homeless People”

“Find a spot, dig a hole and plant a young tree.”

The students of grade 1D along with their parents and teachers planted saplings at Ulsoor Lake Park as part of their Service Learning Program (SLP). A fruitful day of planting a friend that shall grow along with them

Grade 2 Service Learning Program

It was a day full of activity and fun for grade 2C kids. Their SLP was govt. school. As they reached the school excitement was all over from both the sides. The kids from our school paired up with govt. school kids to perform various activities. They made greeting cards together, played games and exchanged food with them.


Come join hands together to make others live beautiful SLP from 2A and 2D

Grade 3 Service Learning Program

Waste Management and Segregation.
The children were shown how to segregate waste, use organic waste productively along with tips and ideas to reduce and recycle waste products. It was an excellent learning opportunity for all.

Grade 4 Service Learning Program

“Yes We Care”

Students of Grade 4A joined hands to raise funds for the renovation of the washrooms and compound wall of a government Urdu primary school in D J Halli. The students of Grade 4 managed to raise close to Rs 40,000 for the renovations. Students supplied stationery products and donated desktop to the school.

A Service Learning Project by the students of grade 4B and 4C

Grade 5 Service Learning Program

“Pay it forward ”

Grade 5 SLP An idea in conjunction with Teacher’s Appreciation.

Grade 7 Service Learning Program

Grade 7 Visited Government Urdu Model Primary School, Library was set-up for the schools and Stationary items were distributed.

Grade 8 Service Learning Program

There were tears, joy, happiness, emotions and sunshine when students came face to face with the residents of ASHIANA OLD AGE HOME. It was soothing to see the young girls of Grade 8 being moved by their stories, serving them, taking blessings from them and spending time with them, the teachers and parents were very supportive and encouraging.

The boys of grade 8 had collected a modest amount of Rs 25,000 through a Tuck shop, a Newspaper drive and donations from parents: as a small way of showing their concern for patients. This amount was humbly accepted by Dr Zafar of HBS hospital (Dialysis Centre) from a student representative.

Grade 9 Service Learning Program

Grade 9 organised *FREE MEDICAL CAMP* in progress at Kadsonappana Halli, Kannur Bus Stop, Bengaluru East. Organised by *Islamic Information Centre, Oasis International School and BAWA Foundation*.