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Why Oasis?

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to work in this very innovative and forward-thinking school. We will be working together to ensure that all the children receive the very best education – through an interactive and international curriculum and through access to internationally recognized examinations. Most importantly, we want the children to experience a caring and nurturing environment where everyone is encouraged to achieve their full potential.

“I chose to be a part of Oasis International School because, not only does the school follow an international curriculum, but also believes in a mature, constructive and eclectic teaching approach.”

“At Oasis International School, the international teaching standards are implemented along with the Islamic cultural background. I, being a part of this school, look forward to share my knowledge with the students. I will do my best to import in them qualities of a good human being.”


At Oasis, nurturing the students and providing guidance and support to the parents starts from the time they step into school. The counsellor is available for any questions/queries that they would like to clear at the admission stage. We are one of the few international schools who have full time counsellors and clinical psychologist to provide students with the required emotional and educational support through their school life. The counsellors support and help children in their social,l emotional intellectual and vocational growth.