Assessment Policy

At Oasis International School, we believe assessment should be integrated into all aspects of the learning cycle. Assessment should be continuous and fair so as to provide information about student performance in areas of both strengths and challenges. Assessment will focus on what students know, understand, their abilities and feelings at different stages of the learning cycle; the aim of assessment being to maximize the potential of each student. It is a positive and supportive mechanism that enhances student learning, teacher’s usage of different methodologies and parental involvement in the progress of the student.  Assessment is holistic and analytical (diagnosis of strengths and areas of improvement). As each learning style is different, a range of assessment strategies is adopted. Evaluation is varied; it contains self, peer and facilitator’s assessments. The assessment process is transparent and allows students to build confidence in their abilities and take ownership of their learning achievements. While assessing a student, we believe that both effort and performance must be given equal importance. We therefore have both formative and summative assessments in keeping with our philosophy on assessment.

 The assessments for K1 to Grade two are based on ongoing continuous assessments. The Report Card focuses on the general skills and objectives of each subject and the students are given grades. This helps the parents to get an idea of the progress of the child and which skills need to be reinforced. The Report Card is sent to parents at the end of both the terms by email..