Students’ Behaviour Policy

 Oasis does not believe in Corporal Punishment!

We, at Oasis International, believe that the school will guide the students towards appropriate behaviour so that they can enjoy school life. The school aims to provide a framework of affirmative,positive and caring discipline through timely and effective intervention. The school has clear expectations that  the students  will be courteous,polite and tolerant of the views and values of others.The school recognises that rewards are more important than punitive disciplinary measures.

Students are expected to comply with the Affirmative Discipline Policy to benefit both themselves and the wider community.Students will be praised and rewarded for displaying positive actions like: excellent work, acts of kindness and consideration,good effort, exhibiting a high standard of personal grooming, excellent attendance and other areas worthy of private and public mention. Students are expected to conduct themselves in school and outside the school in a manner that will do the school and their parents proud.

Staff members positively encourage the development of student independence and self- discipline.They take every opportunity to give appropriate praise and celebrate students’ achievements. Staff members do recognize that students sometimes find it difficult to conform to the rules and regulations of the school. When this occurs, the school has a clear obligation to identify issues and support students as appropriate in order to enable them to overcome their problems.

In order to make school a safe environment, we have adopted the Safe and Sensitive Schools Programme(SASS). This is a tried and tested programme that provides strategies for a  school to be a safe environment through embedded policies, spaces and interactions that are positive, constructive and nurturing for all students and staff alike. The Quality Circle Time developed by  Jenny Mosley forms the basis of the SASS programme. This focuses on relationship skills and explores issues relating to personal, social, moral and health education.

The following offences are termed as Zero-Tolerance:

  1. While on school property (inside both campuses) , in the building and on the ground, students cannot possess, traffic in, or use alcohol, tobacco products or illegal drugs of any KIND
  2. Bullying or Cyber bullying of any kind
  3. Indulging in sexually offensive behaviour
  4. Cheating during exams and tests intentionally
  5. Bringing to School unrelated and irrelevant objectionable books/magazines, cameras, personal stereos, mobile phones, electronic games, valuables, knives, blades or sharp objects of any kind, crackers, an excessive amount of money, and playing cards
  6. Causing physical harm to a peer intentionally e.g. Pushing, tripping, shoving, encouraging them to perform dangerous acts, etc.
  7. Arguing with any staff member/teacher in the class, sports field, during field trips and in the bus
  8. Showing disrespect to teachers/admin staff/support staff or peers by displaying aggressive body language
  9. Using profanity, offensive, abusive or vulgar language (e.g. unacceptable words), hurtful note writing, rumour-mongering, slander, teasing or any other forms of bullying through telephonic means, letters, Facebook ,e-mail or any other means of communication
  10. Unauthorized or inappropriate use of school computers and the internet
  11. Passing negative/irrelevant and ridiculous comments while class is going on/or on the field/bus
  12. Throwing objects/water/garbage out of the bus/or screaming and shouting at passers by
  13. Verbal threats for money or  selling /bartering/ exchanging things within the school premises/bus
  14. Loitering around on the road/ cyber cafes/ restaurants in School uniform