Healthy Eating

At Oasis International School, we aim to provide a safe and secure environment for all our students:

  • We actively encourage students to eat a balanced and healthy diet. We discourage students from eating foods containing too much sugar. Sweets, chips, fizzy drinks and other such snacks and foods must be avoided.
  • Students are encouraged to bring fruits and vegetables to school for their snacks.
  • Students are encouraged to drink plenty of water while at school.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to wash their hands before eating food. However no Sanitizers are allowed to be brought to school.

Lunch & Snack Break

  • Canteen: At Hennur Campus, parents could avail this facility for their children. Nutritious and well balanced food is prepared under supervised and hygienic conditions. The Facilities Executive could be contacted for further details. ( Ms Zameer : 8861097317.)
  • If students bring their lunch, all necessary requirements (i.e. napkin, water bottle, etc.) are to be brought.
  • Due to security reasons, parents or drivers are not allowed into the school premises to hand over lunch boxes.
  • Parents are requested to send enough nutritious food for their children for the Short Break and Lunch Break.
  • A hand Napkin should be brought by the children to be put over their uniform while eating, to avoid dirtying their uniforms.