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Attendance & Leave

  1. Students must be punctual to school every day. The school gates will be closed by 7:55 a.m. at the Hennur Campus and by 8:15 a.m. at the HBR Campus. On the third instance of late arrival to school, the student will be marked absent.  A minimum of 95% attendance is compulsory. Students with 100% attendance will be awarded certificate at the end of the academic year.
  1. Regular attendance is important. In case of absence of more than 3 days, students will be required to submit a leave letter the next day, indicating the reason for absence. If the child is on leave due to ill health, a medical certificate and a fitness certificate should be produced along with the leave letter. If the child is absent for one or two days the leave record in this Handbook should be filled in by the parent. No other leave can be claimed as a matter of right, for every child’s learning experience at school is important.
  1. If a student is not attending school for a long period (more than a week) a letter to this effect should be given to the Class Teacher/Grade Co-ordinator/ Head of School in advance, stating the reason for absence.
  1. Attendance on the opening and closing day of the Term is mandatory for all students. 
  •   If a child has not attended school on these days due to medical illness/death in the family, the leave will be condoned.
  • If the leave is due to medical illness, a medical certificate along with a fitness letter from the doctor has to be submitted to the Head of the School.