From the Desk of the Principal

Welcome to Oasis International School, which has had 20 years of experience and tradition in imparting Quality International Education. Over the years, the school has marched purposefully towards excellence in both curricular and extracurricular programmes.

Oasis is a co-educational school where children are given various opportunities that encourage and stimulate their minds to think differently. Students gain knowledge by not merely becoming storehouses of information for the sake of it, but by actively applying critical thinking strategies and ethics in every aspect of life.

At Oasis, we lay strong emphasis on developing leadership at multiple levels – whether for the student-body, middle management or senior management. Our primary objective is to develop students’ skills and competencies so that they are prepared to face the unique challenges of the 21st century. Direction is given in varied ways for students to acquire the creative thinking, flexible problem solving, collaboration and innovation skills they will need to be successful in work and life, as local and global citizens.

Our school is a community of learners and leaders. Members feel a deep sense of empowerment and autonomy, and thus,  an unshakeable personal commitment to the work of the school. Oasis students love being at school, and look forward to challenges that build their confidence, help them develop a balanced outlook towards life, and allow them to demonstrate their learning in concrete ways. They have the power of choice and learn to appreciate the responsibility that comes with it. Ultimately, Oasis urges students to reflect on, and practise, the myriad qualities that make a  good human being, while sharing their experiences at home, in school, in society and with the world at large.

Oasis provides a platform in transforming spiritual mindsets towards respecting and accepting diversity while developing generations of change makers who will contribute positively to a pluralistic world.