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To set standards in raising a God conscious, knowledgeable, well balanced and responsible generation of lifelong learners possessing skills and attitudes necessary to positively influence society.


Oasis International School will continuously strive towards excellence in all aspects of education by adopting a holistic and dynamic curriculum and providing an emotionally safe and spiritually and morally invigorating environment to all types of learners, irrespective of their social status or religious leaning.

Our Core Values

  • Faith

  • Care

  • Diversity

  • Commitment

  • Striving for excellence

  • Making a difference

Our Beliefs

  • Stimulating minds to think differently

  • Assimilating knowledge for critical thought

  • Developing generations of change makers who will contribute positively to a pluralistic world

  • Applying ethics in every aspect of life

  • Transforming spiritual mindsets towards respecting and accepting diversity

  • Deriving morality from a spiritual base

  • Developing balanced outlook on life